Don’t Be an A-hole: A Spiritual Guide


Rhoda’s back!

Rhoda Nazanin and I will be launching a new podcast soon. We are both ex evangelical pastors talking faith and life post ministry.  Here is a snippet about our first concerts.


Things I Never Said Part 1

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Nostalgia Part 3 - The OKC Bombing

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Top 5 Rhythm Guitarists 

5.  The Edge - Still Haven't Found

4.  Tom Morello - 10 riffs Testify

3.  Stone Gossard - Alive

2.  Izzy Stradlin - Night Train

1.  James Hetfield - 10 riffs Master of Puppets


Nostalgia Part 2 The Challenger Explosion

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Top 5 Bass Players

5.  Jeff Ament - Jeremy 

4.  Tim Commerford - Take The Power Back 

3.  Les Claypool - Tommy The Cat

2.  Flea - Just Jammin'

1.  Cliff Burton - For Whom the Bell Tolls


Nostalgia Part 1

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Here are my top 5 80s and 90s drummers and a link to some of their music.

5) Matt Cameron with Pearl Jam  With Soundgarden

4) Lars Ulrich (It's the snare fills man!!)

3) Chad Smith (at a SOUNDCHECK!!)

2) Brad Wilk (Rage)

1) Dave Grohl And This


Talking Mental Health with Victor Adams Part 2

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Here is the song that Victor talked about.  Walk the Line

I talked about this Whitney Houston song. Greatest Love of All



Talking Mental Health with Victor Adams

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Untethered with Ryan Beaty Part 4

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In our discussion on music, here is the song that Ryan got in trouble for listening to as a kid!  Ice Ice Baby

Here is the song that I thought was  Bohemian RAP CITY (I know, what a dork) Rhapsody


Untethered with Ryan Beaty Part 3

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Untethered with Ryan Beaty Part 2

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