Don’t Be an A-hole: A Spiritual Guide


Talking Mental Health with Victor Adams

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Untethered with Ryan Beaty Part 4

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In our discussion on music, here is the song that Ryan got in trouble for listening to as a kid!  Ice Ice Baby

Here is the song that I thought was  Bohemian RAP CITY (I know, what a dork) Rhapsody


Untethered with Ryan Beaty Part 3

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Untethered with Ryan Beaty Part 2

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Untethered with Ryan Beaty part 1

Open and honest conversation surrounding change and the feelings surrounded becoming untethered from the life you once knew.

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Conversation with a SOP Part 4

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Love God.  Love People.  Don't be an A-Hole.


Conversation with the SOP part 3

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Here is a link to a song that helped me through living in a town that only listened to country music.

Erik talked about traditional Russian music being something that takes him back to childhood.  Nothing specific, but here is what I have found!  I hope it's right...




Conversation with a SOP Part 2

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Episode 17 Conversation with a SOP Part 1

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Erik and I have a frank discussion about the nature of sin.  What IS sin?  Is what we always believed about God true?  Is being gay a sin?  We land on the fact that we just don't know and we will always have more questions than answers.